6 reasons why you’re Never too old to travel.

I was thinking today and remembered a comment that a friend (acquaintance more so) made about me being to old to travel. He made this comment to me before my decision was made to leave for London to live and work for two years. I was 27 years old. I remember he had me reconsidering my decision. I’m not sure of his reasoning, maybe he … Continue reading 6 reasons why you’re Never too old to travel.

About me

Who is Cherie of Blonditious Escapades? My love to travel started with a trip to Bali in 2009. I went with my sister and a group of her friends and we did all the general touristy things Bali safari park, bartering in local stalls, eating delicious food and of course drinking one more cocktail than is necessary. When I arrived home I planned a two … Continue reading About me

Boracay Travel guide 2019

Thinking of Boracay I immediately think, four square miles of crystal clear shorelines, countless water activity, sunsets of vivid pinks, purples and oranges, lively nightlife and days spent enjoying that laid back island life that really makes a vacation what it is. In 2012 international world travel magazine Travel and leisure named Boracay the worlds best island. It’s not a surprise to me after visiting … Continue reading Boracay Travel guide 2019