Bohol Travel guide 2019

Getting to Bohol.

Flights from Cebu – Bohol are around 100-125 AUD (70 USD/ 61 EUR) with a stopover in Manila which results in a 6 hour plus journey. Not really Ideal. Manila direct flights are around 50-60 AUD (34 USD/30 EUR) depending on how far in advance the booking is made and the duration of the flight is 1 hr 25 mins. Do your research here and compare dates with Skyscanner.

  • Ferry from Cebu-Bohol Tagbilaran with Ocean jet leaves from Cebu pier 1 – Tagbilaran city port terminal and takes 2 hrs. To book these tickets in advance click here.
  • Getting Bohol from Siquijor. Take the ferry from Larena pier – tagbilaran city port terminal with ocean jet which takes 1.5 hours (700 PHP, 19 AUD, 13 USD).
  • Getting from Dumaguete to Bohol via ferry. If you are beginning your trip in dumaguete you have the option to take a ferry from the port in dumaguete to Bohol Tagbilaran City which take about 2 hours and leaves at 9:50am and 2:30pm daily. Check out fares here

Getting to Panglao island (Alona beach).

JEEPNEY TO ALONA BEACH: When I was travelling this route I decided to get to Panglao by myself and it was certainly an adventure. I had read a few blogs online saying that there was a Jeepney station nearby and from there you can catch the Jeepney for 50 PHP. They were not wrong this is how I travelled. Once you exit them ferry many Tricycles will be swarming the parking area In front. Tell the driver to take you to The Jeepney station for aloha Beach. It is located near the Island Mall if you would like a map to advise driver. You will need to be patient once you arrive. One Jeepney had just left when I arrived so I waited close to an hour for the next. Be prepared to lose your manners once the Jeepney arrived. The locals do not play around and push with all their might to get a seat. Luckily I had been talking to same locals so they helped me by pushing me on and throwing my backpack on the roof for me (This backpack weighed 22kgs). This bus will take you all the way to Alona beach and locals on the bus will help if you need to get off on the way. Total cost 100 PHP/2 USD (and part of my sanity).

Shared Transfer to Alona Beach

  • If you need or want to get to Alona Beach without the scenic route and directly in half the time there are transfers you can purchase in advance that will transport you directly to Alona beach from Tagbilaran City Port. Please click here to book in advance. 8.50 AUD/ 6 USD
  • Bohol Airport transfer to Alona Beach are available with this link for 5 AUD/ 3.50 USD

Things to do In Bohol.

Book countryside tour

The countryside tour is brilliant for marking off the major must sees in one day. On this 9 hr tour you will:

  • Visit the chocolate hills.
  • Go to a tarsier sanctuary (so sweet).
  • Blood compact site
  • Baclayon Church
  • Loboc river cruise- with buffet lunch on board.
  • Bilar Manmade Forest
  • Be picked up from your hotel lobby at 9pm and returned at 4pm.

Book here in advance to secure your spot.

Island hopping tour

I’m always keen for a day out on the sea and if you are in the Phillipines it’s a given you want to tick off as many of the 7000+ islands a you can. With this tour you won’t be disappointed. You will:

  • Visit balicasag marine park for snorkelling, fish feeding, and turtle sighting (if your lucky)
  • Seek out pods of dolphins for a glimpse of these beauties in the wild
  • Visit Virgin island – gorgeous sand bar.

Click on this link to book.

Loboc river stand up paddle boarding.

Something I recently gathered more interest in and noticed that they offered was Stand up paddle boarding. I have always boarded on the ocean so paddling up a river sounded a lot easier. Take a calm slow paced cruise down the Loboc River. Professional instructors will guide you, provide instruction and life jackets. There is also an option of a firefly stand up paddle from 6:30pm. This tour is under darkness and the only light source will be from the houses lining the river…. oh and the swarms of fireflies. Unfortunately there is no transport included so you will need to make your own way here by scooter, tricycle, taxi or Jeepney. Click here for tickets and address details. If you feel as though you have mastered the SUP boarding and would like to challenge yourself this company also offers Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga.

Mountain biking

If your looking for another way to keep active in Bohol whilst taking in the countryside. On this tour you are guided through local villages and along the Loboc River. The tour is not too strenuous and is suitable for mountain biking beginners. You will be provided with a well maintained mountain bike, helmet and free bottled water.
I advise being mindful of the time you take this tour either early morning or later in the afternoon as temperatures can soar in Bohol. Also go for a short ride before setting off and test break and gears to ensure they are up to your standard. If not switch bikes ASAP. This tour may serve well as a second outing to the Stand Up paddle boarding as they both leave from the same location. Click here to organise your day.

Budget accommodation Alona Beach

Moon fools hostel

Dorm rooms, mixed or female only, 400 m from Alona Beach, free breakfast, Free water refills, free welcome cocktails nightly. Follow this link to check it out.

Bohol sea breeze cottages and resorts

If you are travelling in a group this is the place for you. They have triples and quad rooms for under $55 AUD (38 USD/ 34 EUR) which beats sharing with strangers. These rooms also come with a kitchenette so you are able to cook for yourselves if the budget/ need is there. Here’s the link.

Mid range accomodation Alona Beach

Alona42 resort

Breakfast, 100mt from main road? Name, free toiletries, flat screen tv with cable channels. Heres the link


10 min walk from Alona Beach
Spacious Apartment with kitchen and dining area, pool on site
Balcony or patio, bar and restaurant. Follow the link here.


Henann resort Alona Beach.

This property hosts the Largest beach resort in Panglao, absolute beachfront position, three swimming pools, swim up bar and fitness centre. Check out photos and availability here

Amorita resort

Perched on a limestone cliff overlooking Alona Beach. Facilities include 2 infinity pools, free yoga classes, fitness centre, a bar, cafe and restaurant and a choice of 7 types of accomodation from deluxe rooms to Seaview villas with your own private pool. Link to booking page here

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