Bali adventures – Top 12 things to do when visiting Bali- 2019.

Bali is like a second home to me and travel here has claimed the most space in my passports. I have been a total of 28 times. Some trips where 3 days, some were three weeks. I have stayed in so many different places Canggu (my fave), Kuta, Gili Trawangan, Seminyak, Ubud to name a few. Ive gone on that many day trips I can’t count them on my fingers and toes. Below is a list of my faves.

1. Visit Neighbouring islands

Cruise to Nusa Lembongan

Take a cruise on a luxury catamaran from Bali to neighbouring island, Nusa Lembongan. With a tag line like ‘rides slides and underwater fun’ how could I resist? Various water activities were available after mooring alongside Nusa Lembongan including, snorkeling (gear included), banana boat rides, 35 mtr slide, diving of the boats diving board. Also includes a cultural island walk around Nusa Lembongan. Enjoy morning tea, full buffet lunch and afternoon tea onboard. Sit back and bask in the beauty of this beautiful island as everything is organised for you from the moment you are picked up from your hotel. Click this link to look at the days itinerary and book ahead

Visit Nusa Penida

How do you get to Nusa Penida?
I would personally recommend staying on Nusa Penida for a few nights if you have the time, there is so much to see and do. You will be able to get to Nusa Penida pretty easily from Sanur harbour and tickets are around 16 USD each way. Check here for times and dates. The crossing time is approx 1hr 15 mins. My more in depth guide to Nusa Penida travel can be found here.
When taking an organised tour of Nusa Penida there will usually be two to chose from. The West Nusa Penida Tour will take you to four spectacular locations. 
1. Angel billabong
2.Broken beach
3. Kelingking beach
4. Crystal bay. Click here to book
East nusa penida whole day tour will take you to the east coast of the island and you will experience another 4 separate locations;
1.Diamond beach
2. Atuh Beach
3. The tree houses in rumah Pohon
4.Teletubbies Hill.
Click here to book your full day east Nusa Penida tour here

Visit The Gili Islands

The Gili islands are a group of three island approx 65 km off the coast of Bali. These are Gili trawangan (most popular), Gili Air (scuba diving and snorkeling) and Gili Meno (diving and romantic escapes). You can get there easily from Bali but it does take a while regardless of how you travel most boats leave from Padang Bai in the north of Bali. Pickup is early morning 6:30/7am and you will arrive at your hotel in the Gilis around 1/1:30pm. You can organise tickets with or without transfer to Padang bai and from here you will catch a boat over to you Gili of Choice. Check here for tickets

2. Mount Batur by jeep

Jump in a 4WD jeep and travel through the Kintamani area and the lava fields left from the volcanic eruptions at Mt Batur. You will drive through surrounding jungle and go to the Hot springs overlooking the area and with views of Mt Agung in the distance. To check details have a look here

3. Dive the wreck of WWII shipwreck USS Liberty

Ever wanted to an explore the wreck of a World War II battleship? Here is your chance the USS LIBERTY was wrecked on the coast of Bali’s eastern shores at Tulamben. In January 1942 the ship was torpedoed by a Japanese Submarine about 10 Miles from the Lombok straight. In 1963 Mt Agung erupted and the tremors associated with this incident pushed the wreck off the beach where she now rests 25-50 feet below the water. This dive is the most popular in Bali due to the diverse and abundant marine life that now call this wreck home. Click here to secure a booking for this amazing dive site

4. Cruise above Bali in a Hot air balloon

Embark on an exhilarating ride over the island of Bali. Take in the views of the tiered rice terraces, tropical Forests, clear coastlines and the Grand Mount Agung and Mt Batur Volcanoes. Move gently through the skies with a 360 degree of your surrounding with enough time to take everything in. Choose a time suited to you, sun rise/sunset or Night flight. Completely up to you. Click here to take a look at the highlights

5. Visit Ubuds Monkey forrest and tegalalang rice terraces

This rice terrace is simply amazing. The Subak irrigation system used at this site embodies the traditional farming ways of the Balinese people. This irrigation system originated in 9th century and involves water running from its source through temples before flowing downhill to the rice paddies. 
The monkey forest isn't for everyone but the animal lovers will have a field day here. These monkeys are cheeky and known for their intrusive behaviours with tourists.
There are Ubud full day tours that go out to both these locations and can be booked in advance here

6 Book a surf Lesson.

Surfing is a top activity choice in Bali thanks to the variety of surf locations suited to all levels of experience. Inexperienced surfers/first time surfers will be looking at areas such as Kuta, Legian, Seminyak beach whereas more experienced surfers will head towards Uluwatu, Impossibles and Padang Padang in the South of Bali. Booking a qualified surf instructor can be a game changer. See what happened on my first time in Canggu here. I recommend Wave house but there are so many other schools around just make sure you are getting actual instruction, not just a board and a local guide. Click here to check them out

7. White water rafting

This is so much fun. In groups of four you will rush down the rapids of Ayung river. Navigating (mostly awkwardly into nearby rocks, trees and foliage) your way to the finale event….. a 3mt drop. Many laughs were had on our trip and once your done there is a traditional buffet lunch waiting for you to enjoy. Winning!! For you slice of the fun check out times and dates here.

8. Waterbomb Park Bali

This place is a every (BIG) kids dream. It is located in the centre of Kuta on Jalan Kartika Plaza. This is one of the places that Balinese locals love to sell you tickets to. They will of course tack on a little commission for themselves, as always. Please check their online prices before negotiating with the locals. Sometimes it’s a lot easier, and cheaper, to organise yourself. There are waterslides and water activities for all agendas from mellow with the lazy river, where you sit in a large ring and float around a course at a slow pace, to the more extreme Climax. This slide has you start in a chamber with a trap door floor. They give you a (false) countdown and before you know it the floor of the chamber drops out and you are plummeting vertically into an inverted loop. This ride is not for anyone who is wearing bikinis by the end they are definitely not where they were situated before this slide began. Take note because there are lots of cautious onlookers as you try to re- situate your clothing and gather the strength to exit the slide.

9. Tubing Bali

Leave the crowds behind, take a cruise down the Tikal unda river and experience the serenity of Karengasem in remote eastern Bali. Jump in a tube and make your way down stream to lunch and a traditional Indonesian Buffet. This tour is a half day and will have you back at your hotel before happy hour. Click here to book 

10. ATV rides Bali

There are many offer of different ATV rides and tours in Bali. We went on a tour through Aussie Bali Adventures for our tour. This was for the sole purpose of being able to ride our ATVs on the beach as the sun set. There are many other ATV tour in different areas in Bali. Options include combos such as ATV and White water rafting, and buggies/bikes/waterfalls combo.

11. Hiking Mt Batur For Sunset.

This is one tour you won’t forget in a hurry. I will say that the hike isn’t for novice hikers with some really steep and tricky areas in the trek. That partnered with the pick up time being between 1am and 2am you really need to WANT to do this tour and have a guenuine love of adventure and hiking. The benefits of the views once you reach the top make all the hassle worth it, believe me. Click here to have check out details and book

12. Paragliding Bali

This is absolutely brilliant. Extremely safe and secure harnesses. Take the plunge off of the cliffs edge with your qualified Paragliding pilot. The coastal views are phenomenal. click here to experience for yourself.

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