Aloha 2019


I have chosen this greeting for my first ever blog post as Hawaii will be the first place that I will travel as a amateur Travel blogger. Along with Hawaii (beginning May 19, 2019), I have another four countries that will follow this in close succession, those being, The U.K in July ‘19 (London), France August ‘19 (Cannes), Peru in September ‘19 (Cusco, Arequipa, Ica, Nazca, Lima) and lastly Ecuador in September- October ‘19 (Quito, Latacunga, Banos, Montanita, Puerto Lopez. These are the countries that are so far part of the plan which is not to say that many more will not be added.

I have created this blog to be a lot more intentional in my travel and to document this part of my life from today onwards. I have travelled to nearly 30 countries and have become increasingly educated in relation to saving time and money and in doing so experience cultures more authentically as I have progressed as a traveller. When I say progressed as a traveller I am addressing my changes from taking group led trips to travelling with one or two friends to eventually now being able to travel the globe as a independent traveller.

Gaining the confidence to go out on my own and organise my own trips and itinerary has given me so much more freedom to see more than what is wrapped up in a shiny bow. I have been able to go out to places where I have met locals and been invited into their homes for real meals, daily activities and experiences that they take part in every day. I want to share these experiences with the world and give everyone the confidence to say “I can do this”. In saying that this style of travel isn’t for everyone and Group led travel has its place in the market but I want to show those that have a curiosity and drive to get out there and travel solo that it isn’t at all the scary and intimidating experience that it can sometimes be portrayed to be. As long as you have a level of common sense and a strong will the look a little deeper it is possible to do most travel itineries on your own.

I will provided a regular update as to where I am and what I am up to on my travels through the next 6 months. I will provide tips on how to save money and cost comparisons on hotels, meals, day trips that I plan to take. I will give everyday tips on public transport and share pic and videos of my adventures.

This will be my personal travel diary that I want to share with all of those who are planning to travel to the above destinations or who are unable to travel due to life’s everyday challenges ( Kids, finances, work commitments). Come along with me and let’s see if we can’t inspire a few of you to take a few days, weeks, months, years off and do the same.


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